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Financial Talks That Educate and Inspire

We deliver keynotes, workshops and seminars to engage, inspire and facilitate behavioural change.

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What we are fighting

In July 2023, a report released by the Financial Conduct Authority underscored the significant challenges that households in the UK are wrestling with.



18.9m individuals admitted to facing financial difficulties or finding it challenging to cope financially.

54% of all UK adults acknowledged heightened levels of anxiety or stress attributed to the cost of living, with 24% reporting challenges to their mental health.


40.9m individuals experienced an increased burden in managing domestic bills and credit obligations owing to the cost of living during the first half of 2023.

What our talks do

Remove Money Taboos

Our talks break the silence, by creating a safe environment where individuals can discuss money matters confidently. Attendees shed light on their experiences, fears and aspirations. We believe that by breaking this silence, we pave the way for transformative change.

Support Group

Tackle Financial Shame and Avoidance

By sharing and reflecting on common challenges within the group, participants find solace, realising that their financial struggles are shared, thus reducing the weight of these emotions and encouraging proactive financial actions.

Boost Financial Confidence

Our sessions delve deep into behaviours, beliefs and biases. Using principles from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) like debiasing, and real-life examples, we help reshape perceptions and understanding of money.

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